Registre National des Cancers de l’Enfant



Key numbers


2 000

The year we started following patients up systematically within COHOPER.

25 000

The number of patients included inthe COHOPER follow-up study.

16 000

The number of biological samples recorded for these patients, in the BIOCAP database.


The Childhood Cancer Observation Platform is a research platform designed to enable research on paediatric cancer. Centred around the Registry database, it includes:

- the GEOCAP study, for research on environmental risk factors by geolocation

- a biological sample data repository (BIOCAP), to facilitate translational research on paediatric oncology

- the data on cancer treatment, toxicity and response to treatment, including the data from the radiotherapy database PediaRT (Investigators: Dr V. Bernier Chastagner & Dr C. Carrie)

- the national cohort for the follow-up (COHOPER), for the surveillance of health and quality of life of the persons who had a cancer in childhood

The Childhood Cancer Observation Platform is led by the INSERM team for Epidemiology of Childhood and Adolescent cancer (EPICEA) and the French Paediatric Oncology Society (SFCE). The CCOP has been funded by the French national institute of cancer (INCa) and the National agency of research (ANR) (governmental “investment for the future” program) under the name of HOPE-EPI.




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