Registre National des Cancers de l’Enfant


GEOCAP - Case-control study based on childhood cancer geolocation

Investigator Jacqueline Clavel, Denis Hémon -  INSERM UMRS 1153 – team EPICEA
Period 2002-…

Primary objective: To study the influence of several environmental exposures on the risk of childhood cancer

- proximity to power lines, and exposure to electric and extremely low frequency-magnetic fields

- proximity to traffic lanes, and environmental exposure to benzene and other pollutants

- exposure of home location to natural ionising radiation, especially radon and gamma radiation

- proximity to nuclear power plants

- proximity to agricultural crops

- socio-economic level of the IRIS of the residence

Secondary objective :

To estimate the exposure of the general population under 15 to these factors.



INSEE, Geocible, IGN



EDF, Fondation Pfizer, Institut national de Veille Sanitaire (InVS), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) -Investissement d’Avenir HOPE-EPI, Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation (ANSES), Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer, Institut National Du Cancer (INCa), Cancéropôle d’île de France

Statutory approval  CNIL Registre National des Hémopathies malignes de l’Enfant (n°998198) et Registre National des Tumeurs Solides de l’Enfant (n°900183)

- Case recruitment: all cancer cases in children aged less than 15 years, who have been diagnosed with cancer or benign brain tumour since 2002, living in mainland France at the time of diagnosis.

- Control recruitment: sample of 5000 child addresses per year, created by INSEE on tax record database, representative of all children less than 15 years living in mainland France.

- Geolocation of addresses anonymously and blinded to the case-control status (Geocible, bases Navteq et IGN).

- Modelling of radiation doses due to gas release from nuclear power plants: IRSN/DRPH/SER ; Data on natural ionizing radiation sources: IRSN/PRP-DGE/

SEDRAN/BRN ; Power lines location: RTE


The first analysis concerned the leukaemia risk in the vicinity of French nuclear power plants, and was carried out in collaboration with IRSN.

We observed a higher risk of leukaemia in children living less than 5 km from a nuclear power plant over the period 2002-2007, but this leukaemia risk appeared to be independent of the estimated radioactive exposure by modelling gas releases.


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Claire Sermage-Faure « Incidence des leucémies de l'enfant en fonction de la proximité et des caractéristiques générales de diverses sources d'expositions environnementales » (dir. D. Hémon), Université Paris-Sud, defended in 2012

Claire Demoury « Rôle des expositions résidentielles au radon et aux champs électriques et magnétiques à extrêmement basse fréquence dans l'incidence des leucémies de l'enfant » (dir.. D. Hémon), Université Paris-Sud, defended in 2014

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